PETROTOOLS SERV is a Romanian company, specialized in Oil and Gas industry services, with extensive experience in tank cleaning and waste management.

PETROTOOLS SERV is a company with multinational clients and we are focused on quality services and products.

Our company was registered in 2011 and is located in Ploiesti, Prahova for the main office and for the industrial and logistic activity we are located in Brazi Industrial Park, Prahova.


A. Industrial Cleaning Services
  1. Offshore platforms cleaning;
  2. Drilling rigs and mud systems cleaning for water and synthetic base mud;
  3. Mud tanks, production tanks cleaning;
  4. Oil lagoons cleaning;
  5. Industrial platforms cleaning;
  6. Mud transport and oil transport vessels cleaning;
  7. Mud plants cleaning;
  8. Silo dry cleaning (cement, barite, bentonite, etc.);
  9. Sand/hydro blasting, painting for industrial equipment;
  10. Resulted waste collecting and processing.
B. Logistic services
  1. Mud plant design, construction, installation and operation;
  2. Mud tanks rental;
  3. Mud plants rental;
  4. Industrial cleaning equipment rental;
  5. Mud treatment equipment rental;
  6. Technical support.


PETROTOOLS SERV S.R.L. implements the project “Acquisition of equipment for the collection of non-hazardous waste” which aims to increase the economic competitiveness of the company by purchasing a machine to facilitate the services of collection of non-hazardous waste.

We have environmental permit for collecting the wastes resulted from the tank cleaning activity and also we are certified SR EN ISO 90001:2008 – Quality Management Systems and SR EN ISO 14001:2005 – Environmental Management Systems.